Board of Directors


International Subsea Solutions is managed by a highly respected and experienced Board of Directors. This Board of Directors is still in the process of growing and presently includes


Mr. Rick Williams

Rick Williams is a general manager with over 30 years of experience in government, private industry, and non-profit organizations. He consults as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Engineer and directs multi-disciplinary programs including: operations, planning, research, development, and strategic management. His management portfolio includes programs and projects in civil-construction, mechanical, ocean, and systems engineering.

Mr. Williams served 25 years active duty in the Navy, achieving the rank of Captain. His duties included salvage, surface ships, submarine, fleet operations, shipyard overhauls, nuclear reactor refueling, command & control of a joint task force, a major ship conversion program, and defense acquisition. He worked as a mixed gas hard hat diver, saturation diver, and deep submergence pilot. Captain Williams was elected as a Fellow of The Explorers Club after leading the crew of Deep Submergence Vehicle SEA CLIFF through shipyard conversion, sea trials, and the dive expedition to 20,000 feet in the Middle America Trench as Command Pilot. He subsequently led the crew of nuclear attack submarine USS SPADEFISH on two consecutive expeditions to the North Pole as Commanding Officer.

After his return to Oregon in 2000, Mr. Williams’ commercial experience includes Manufacturing Technology Program Manager and Enterprise Architect at Tektronix and over eleven years at Leidos Maritime Solutions (formerly SAIC), a Fortune 500 Company. In addition to direct consulting, he represents Leidos as the Director of the Columbia Region for business development. Mr. Williams was a founding member of the board of directors for the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC) and the Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET).

Board Secretary

Mr. Barry Hendrix

Barry Hendrix holds a BS in Business Administration with minors in Mechanical Engineering and Behavior Science at Oregon State University. Later he earned a Masters in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New England. He is currently President and CEO of Western Shelter Systems in Eugene OR. In addition to this role, he works as a Business Consultant, primarily for the metals, electronics and general industrial segments, focusing on business development, mergers and acquisitions, strategy development and Lean implementation. He is also a Lean Leadership instructor at Clackamas Community College.

Barry has had broad career experience, starting as a Product Design Engineer at ESCO in Portland and continuing in New England and Connecticut with Precision Castparts. In 1994 he joined Molded Container Corporation as their Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In 1996, he became the Executive Vice President of Sales and Engineering at OECO, an electronics company that specialized in defense electronics, commercial aerospace and medical industries; he remained with OECO as President until 2008.

Barry currently sits on several Boards including the Torotel Products (TTLO), AUVSI (Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) Cascade Chapter, PNDC (Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition) and Impact Northwest.


Mr. Peter Lockie



Mr. Don Rodocker

Don Rodocker is President of Pressure Products, Inc. and the founder and former chief executive of the San Diego, California based underwater robotics Manufacturer SeaBotix Inc. Don is also a Member of SeaPro LLC and Confidential Capital LLC and the Managing Member of Port Nicholson Salvage Consortium LLC.

Don spent 10 years in the US Navy where he attended multiple schools including Machinist Mate School, Nuclear Power School, Machinery Repair School, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration School, Navy Scuba Diver School, Second Class Diver School, and First Class Diver School. He participated in setting up the US Navy’s First Saturation Diving School. While still in the Navy Don and Chris DeLucci formed a company called Saturation Systems Inc. to perform the First Saturation Dive for Treasure on the Andrea Doria. They built a Saturation Habitat; the team performed two saturation dives and made 375 surface dives to the wreck. They built their first-generation diver gas recovery system which allowed extended time on location and significantly reduced costs.

In 1978, Don started up GasServices Offshore Limited which manufactured the third-generation Diver Gas Recovery System called the GasMizer. To this day it is the diver gas recovery system used around the world when diving deeper than 100 meters. Don and his team then leveraged the success of GasServices by starting, merging and acquiring several companies.

SeaBotix Inc. was formed in 2000, and after a comprehensive development program began shipping mini ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) systems less than two years later. SeaBotix Inc. is the recognized World Leader in mini ROVs. SeaBotix Inc. has accomplished many records and won numerous awards, which include ranking in the Top 100 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in San Diego, the Deloitte LLP 2009 and 2010 Fastest 500 Growing Technology Companies in North America and the Marine Technology Top 100 Companies.


Dr. Richard Thomson

Richard (Rick) Thomson currently works as a Research Scientist with the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans, as well as serving as the head of the Ocean Dynamics Section of the Institute for Ocean Sciences. Dr. Thomson is an expert in a variety of subjects including coastal and deep sea circulation dynamics, mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal venting processes, bioacoustical measurements, marine ecosystem dynamics, and operational oceanography.

Prior to his work with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Dr. Thomson was elected a fellow of the American Geophysical Union as well as a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and also served as a professor at leading universities in Australia, the United States, and Canada. Well-recognized amongst his peers, Dr. Thomson has been the recipient of numerous prizes and awards including the Timothy R. Parsons Medal, Prix d’Excellence (twice), R.E. Forester Award for outstanding scientific publication, Deputy Minister’s Commendation, and American Geophysical Unition’s Editor’s Citation for Excellence. Dr. Thomson currently holds 180 primary journal publications, 8 published book chapters, 3 independent published books, 125+ other publications, and 6 national & international patents.

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